The benefits of using noise reduction panels

One of the biggest complaints of a busy work space is the high noise level. The noise pollution in the workplace is a combination of certain factors like the ringing of the phones and the humming of the electronic equipment along with a significant number of people talking on a daily basis. This noise is especially escalated in open plan offices because a large number of people are working in close proximity and the space does not offer any sort of noise reverberation. It is difficult to work in a noisy workplace and can have any impact on the productivity of the employees.

Although businesses might want to improve the aesthetics of the workspace but often neglect the soundscape. A noisy place can impact the productivity and can reduce the concentration level. It is important to pay some attention to the office acoustics as well.

How do the noise reduction panels work?

Noise reduction panels comprise of insulating foam material made from mineral wool inside a wooden frame. It is covered with a fabric. The design of the acoustic panels allows to trap sound waves and control the reverberations in a closed space.

In large indoor space the sound waves will bounce off any solid surface like the walls and ceilings and reflect and also contribute to the overall noise. However when the sound waves hit a noise reduction panel, the material in there absorb the sound and allow it to penetrate inside the core material. This material than absorbs the noise and converts the waves into vibrations and at the same time generates a small amount of heat. The heat then evolves quickly so the sound waves dissipate inside the mass of the surface and in turn reduce in all background noise.

The benefits of acoustic panels

There are several benefits associated with office soundproofing. The first and foremost is the improvement of the soundscape and improved communication. The acoustic panels absorb the noise and sound from the surrounding area. It makes it easier for people to hear and understand each other whether they are sitting in an open plan office or a classroom.

It can also reduce the stress levels and improve the wellbeing of the employees. You can ask anyone and they would say that the environment is one of the biggest complaints that they have in a busy office space. Even when people have their own office they might face a high background noise. This can increase their stress and make it difficult for them to hear and concentrate on the task at hand. It creates a more calm environment which is enjoyed by office workers and your clients.

Noise reduction also provides privacy especially in an open plan office. Sometimes it is necessary for the staff to conduct private conversation and the acoustic panels can help make it work. It makes it easier for the staff to hold conversations without the fear of being overheard.