What bus electrical problems should bus drivers be aware of?

The electrical system if any vehicle helps the engine to start which makes the system one of the most important parts of the vehicles. It is the same system that is responsible for combustion in the engine and powering different vehicle systems that rely on electricity. The electrical system of a vehicle consists of three different parts that include the alternator starter and battery.

The starter starts the engine while the alternator keeps the battery charged while the engine is running and the battery is responsible for supplying electrical power to all the electrical parts of the car. For your car’s electrical system to function perfectly, all these parts must be in the right condition. However, just like the mechanical parts of a vehicle, the electrical system also faces certain problems at times. Therefore if you own any vehicle including a bus you need to make sure that you are aware of the common electrical problems you might face whenever you are driving your vehicle.


 The most common bus electrical problems bus driver should be aware of

If you’re always driving a bus you need to know what problems your bus’s electrical system may face. Some of the following are some of the electrical problems you may have experienced in the past, especially if you have been a bus driver for a long time.

  • A dead or weak battery

This is a common electrical problem that you may encounter with your bus at a certain time. Your bus’s battery has a certain lifespan and therefore you will be required to replace the battery at some point. Unfortunately, the best batteries may not show you an indication that they are about to die. Instead, you will begin to encounter problems such as trouble starting the vehicle after turning the ignition. When this happens it’s a clear indication that your bus is experiencing certain electrical problems.

  • Alternator problems

The alternator of your bus may also be the cause of the problems you’re experiencing with your bus. Since the alternator recharges the battery when the engine is running when it is experiencing any problem the other electrical components of Airbus will consume the power in the battery until it is drained completely. When this happens the dashboard lights may begin to flicker especially when you are on the road. Don’t wait to get their dashboard light to stop flickering if the electrical problem with the bus is fixed.

  • Problematic spark plugs

The other electrical problem that bus drivers need to be aware of is problematic spark plugs.  The spark plugs are responsible for igniting the fuel and air mixture in the bus engine’s combustion chambers. If the spark plugs are not working properly, it is a sign that your bus has an electrical problem that needs to be fixed.  In most cases, the solution to this bus electrical problem is replacing the problematic spark plugs.

  • Blown fuses

All electrical systems including your bus’s or homes depend on fuses. They protect the wiring and electrical components.  In case a fuse blows, you will always experience problems with the power supply since it gets cut off.  If only one fuse blows, this is not a major problem but if they keep on blowing, you may have a serious electrical problem with your bus.

  • Wiring problems

In case the electrical accessories of the bus are failing to work and you are experiencing any of the above problems, it could be because you are experiencing wiring problems. The concessions of the wires may be loose or might have been cut off accidentally. Whichever the case, unless this bus electrical issue is fixed, power will not reach where it is required to reach.


What to do when my bus develops these bus electrical issues?

Whenever your bus experiences the above electrical problems, it is always important for you to look for a solution. With the many auto electricians available today, you need to call one so that you can have the electrical system of your bus checked. For piece of mind, have ABTC do your bus electrical work.