3 key duties of tow truck drivers

When you are stuck in the middle of the road with a punctured tyre or a broken vehicle on your hand, what do you do? You call up a tow truck. But these drivers have it rough, who come hustling their way through any time of the day to help you. Be it in the middle of the night or under the scorching sun. These drivers have a full time job on their hands trying to save the truck wreckers. And it is not easy at all. They have to work 24 hours a day most of their professional life. There are a few duties that take all of their effort. Let us discuss some.

Basic truck operations

To all those people who find themselves with a broken car in the middle of nowhere, the tow truck drivers are their knight in shining armor. This is why these drivers must know how to perform basic truck operations. Amongst these operations, they should know the basics of repairing a vehicle. They are equipped to change a tyre, put in adequate gas for the vehicle to reach a station, and charge up a battery if required. They must have all the tools to fix the repair and in failure to do so, they should two the car. They must know where to tow a vehicle such that it does not face more damage than it already has.


Along with this, an important thing is maintenance. They do not want to be called the truck wreckers instead because their tow trucks were not capable of performing basic tasks. They should keep their vehicle clean and oiled.

Be responsive

When you are a tow truck driver, it is occasional that you get an emergency call. The call might be for accidents, roadside incidents or even vehicle repairs. It can be in the middle of the night or in the middle of the day. The key is to be responsive to these calls because you might be the only one the civilians can call for backup. Moreover, a tow truck driver should always remain in contact with the motorists when the drivers are on route. Hence it is important to have basic communication and social skills to show empathy to people who have suffered on the road.


Another key duty for tow truck drivers, apart from carrying the loads of truck wreckers melbourne is handling the logistics. This is very important as it takes them to different towns and it can only be done when they have handled the necessary paperwork. Teh paperwork also includes giving proper logs of stolen and abandoned vehicles on the road. This can help police stations in tracking truck wreckers. They are also required to log in their minutes on the road, what services they offer to a vehicle on the road, their contacts and travel logs. Lastly, they are supposed to report their status, their locations and estimated time of arrival to their head in the department.