How to Get the Best Bobcat Tyre for Your Machine

Perhaps, the most frequent machines used anywhere in the world are skid steer loaders. The machine expected to work well on a wide range of terrains means also opting for using the right bobcat tyre.

The huge variety of uses for skid steer loaders ranging from carrying tools to landscaping means being able to work in various terrains. The exposure of the machine to different terrains requires using the most suitable bobcat tyre.

Choosing the best bobcat tyre involves a lot of factors. However, the most important factor to consider with the choice of bobcat tyre is the terrain. An insight into the various terrains and bobcat tyres allows you to get the right one for your needs.


Deep Lugged Tread Bobcat Tyres

Feedlot applications and extremely muddy terrain require a special type of bobcat tyre. The extra traction supplied by the deep lugged tread bobcat tyre allows optimum performance for your machine in handling the stated applications.


Bobcat Tyres for Hard Surfaces

Rubber compounds specially engineered are designed to tackle hard surfaces. Hard surfaces such as concrete and asphalt will make your machine perform better when opting for bobcat tyres for hard surfaces. The design of the tyres makes them resistant to wear, tear, and abrasion.


Special Turf Tread Bobcat Tyres

Making a mess when working in a public park or on your lawn is avoided when you opt to use the special turf tread bobcat tyres for your machine. Reduced damage is seen when a machine uses special turf bobcat tyres while working on landscaped or grassy terrain. However, the tyres do not offer wear resistance and almost no traction when used on other types of terrain.


All-Terrain Bobcat Tyres

The all-terrain bobcat tyres are the best choice when the machine needs to work on soft surfaces like dirt, rock, and mud. Investing in all-terrain bobcat tyres is well spent with tread patterns that effectively and efficiently work on all soft surfaces.


Importance of Choosing the Right Bobcat Tyres


The reasons for choosing the right bobcat tyres include:



Reducing traction while on the job is hazardous. For instance, you are asking for trouble when you use tyres for harder surfaces while working in soft terrain like snow.


Tyre longevity is gained when using tyres specifically designed for the terrain being worked on. Saving money down the road becomes possible when choosing to use all-terrain bobcat tyres while working in soft terrain.


Machine performance and life capacity increase when opting to use heavier bobcat tyres. Lifting capacity and added weight of solid bobcat tyres offer the best way to maximise the performance of your machine.

Using the wrong tyres should always be avoided

Chunking, punctures, and loss of traction are the things experienced when using the wrong bobcat tyres. Increased ROI and downtime brought on by the wrong tyres can become expensive mistakes down the road. The smartest way to gain optimum performance from your machine is to choose from different types of bobcat tyres and purchase the one that is best for the terrain you’re working on.



The choice of the right Bobcat tyres for your skid steer is harder than you think. Finding the right tyres, on the other hand, provides the most efficient experience with your loader. The specific designs of bobcat tyres allow you to choose the one suitable for all your working needs.

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