Heavy machinery handling

From the handling of heavy machinery inside a factory, up to their transfer to a new facility, AB Traslochi is the point of contact with the experience and skills necessary to guarantee quick, safe and smooth movements.

Making use of specific means and specialized employees, regardless of the size of the project , AB Traslochi will be able to manage each phase, both nationally and internationally, providing, where required, also to deal with all administrative and / or customs provisions in different foreign countries.

For the handling of heavy machinery, therefore, we invite you to be wary of improvised companies and quotes that are a little “too cheap”,quality and safety pays off in all sectors .

Why choose AB Traslochi for the heavy machinery handling service?
AB Traslochi boasts twenty years of experience in the heavy machinery handling service and is a member of the Professional Movers Association , a guarantee of professional work and in compliance with the most rigorous safety standards.

Thanks to the use of special equipment and vehicles and the use of qualified personnel only , AB Traslochi is able to handle heavy machinery of any size and weight, both inside and outside buildings and / or proceed with the related complex transports, satisfying your every need, with “ad hoc” planning.

What is the heavy machinery handling service?
Before proceeding with the handling of heavy machinery, during an inspection at your premises , a specific analysis will be carried out in relation to the type of goods to be moved.

The dimensions and weight of the machinery involved will be examined , in order to determine the most suitable vehicle to use and evaluate the handling-repositioning maneuvers to be carried out, as well as providing the customer with a timely cost estimate.
You will be followed step by step in all phases, you will be guaranteed a meticulously planned , efficient, rapid service and with protection, including insurance, of the integrity of your goods .