3 key duties of tow truck drivers

When you are stuck in the middle of the road with a punctured tyre or a broken vehicle on your hand, what do you do? You call up a tow truck. But these drivers have it rough, who come hustling their way through any time of the day to help you. Be it in the […]

Safety tips that work around heavy equipment

There are hundreds of accidents in the construction industry every year. Heavy equipment operators, ground workers and pedestrians are injured or killed by heavy equipment. Many of these are the result of rollovers or individuals hit or crushed by equipment. Struck dead are one of the leading construction industries cause of death.  The equipment is […]

Heavy machinery handling

From the handling of heavy machinery inside a factory, up to their transfer to a new facility, AB Traslochi is the point of contact with the experience and skills necessary to guarantee quick, safe and smooth movements. Making use of specific means and specialized employees, regardless of the size of the project , AB Traslochi […]