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Details on One-way hires

For hires between Auckland and Wellington or centres in the South Island such as (for instance) Picton to Queenstown, one-way fees (if any) vary on a day-by-day basis depending on demand and whether we have too many or too few vehicles in one location or not - please call.

As far as crossing between islands goes, the following are the two standard choices:

(1) You can take the same vehicle all the way to the drop-off centre in the other island. In this case there is a $250 relocation fee between islands, or

(2) You can take one vehicle to Wellington, check it in in Wellington, cross on the ferry without a vehicle then pick a new one up in Picton (or vice versa).

This is a bit more inconvenient as does mean that you have to pack up the vehicle and take your luggage with you and be a bit more organised in planning when you want to cross (so we can make sure that a vehicle is waiting for you in Picton or Wellington), but it
     (a) saves the $130 - $200 fare for taking the vehicle on the ferry, and
     (b) we also reduce the relocation fee to $150,
thus giving a total saving of $230 - $300.

However please note that the above are the standard costs - once again depending upon vehicle movements the one-way fee in option (2) can often be reduced or sometimes even waived entirely - please call.

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